Certificate Program

Perioperative Theater Technology

About the Program

This course equips the trainee with a range of factual, technical and procedural knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them provide technical assistance to the theatre team. It also entails preventing nosocomial infections, maintaining safety of patients and the theatre team, participating in provision of clinical services in operation theatre and executing administrative and managerial responsibilities in a hospital with an operation theatre

Qualification & Duration

  • Course Duration: 1 Year
  • Semester Duration: 3 Academic Semesters
  • Qualification: KCSE Mean Grade D Plain
Career Opportunities
Roles and Responsibilities

Career Opportunities

  1. County Governments hospitals
  2. Government Health Parastatals
  3. Private Hospitals
  4. Community Health Services

Roles and Responsibilities?

  1.  Participate in Peri-operative technical services
  2.  Manage Operation Theatre resources
  3. Supervising activities/administrative duties
  4. Technologists serve as anesthetist assistants
  5. Operating theatre machines and equipment
  6. Preparation of operating theatre room
  7. Providing first aid services / CPR
  8. Undertake sales & marketing of operation theatre instruments/equipment
  9. Work in CSSD as sterilizing technicians
  10. Responsible for disinfection, preparation, cleanliness and maintenance of the operating room before and after surgery and assists in bringing patient to the operating room.
  11. Clean and disinfect surgical instruments and equipment after surgery.
  12. Prepare surgical instrument and equipment for autoclaving/sterilization per protocol
  13. Maintains and keeps all surgical tools sterile and orderly.
  14. Maintains and keeps all equipment clean and functional.
  15. Prepares the patient before and after surgery by washing and disinfecting the area for surgery. Prepare necessary equipment and instrument prior to procedure/surgery.
  16. Attends to the needs of the patient while inside the operating room.
  17. Assist surgeon/nurses during the procedure and they also serve as anesthetist assistants
  18. Assist nursing staff in keeping patient safe during the procedure by assisting with the application of restraints and following the recommended protocol.
  19. Takes care of any specimens obtained for testing following laboratory procedures/protocol.
  20. Provides assistance to the surgical team and coordinates very closely with the doctors, nurses and laboratory staff.
  21. Participate in health education, promotion services and programs in the community

Do you have passion of taking care of the sick? You have made the right choice. We shall adequately train you to safely provide assistance to professional healthcare staff for the care of clients and surgical instruments in the hospital as well as home based care.