Certificate Program

Health Service Support

About the Program

We offer training in the field of Health Service Support at Certificate level. Advanced understanding of medical terminology, outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities and strong attention to detail with excellent organizational skills

Qualification & Duration

  • Course Duration: 1 Year
  • Semester Duration: 2 Academic Semesters
  • Qualification: KCSE Mean Grade D Minus
Career Opportunities
Roles and Responsibilities

Career Opportunities

  1. County Governments Hospitals
  2. Government Health Parastatals
  3. Private Hospitals
  4. Community Health Services
  5. Nursing homes
  6. Hospice/Home Care

Roles and Responsibilities?

  1. Taking Blood Samples: For those working in hospitals, taking and delivering blood samples is a regular responsibility.
  2. Mobility Assistance: If a patient has trouble with mobility, health service support help them to the toilet and oversee safe transitions from one place to the next.
  3. Replacing Linens: Health service support are responsible for ensuring the comfort of patients, meaning that linens are replaced by Assistants daily.
  4. Equipment Sterilization: All equipment used in medical facilities must be sterilized and properly stored, and this task falls on the Health Care Assistant.
  5. Checking Vitals: A large part of a Health support service’s day consists of monitoring and recording vitals.
  6. Communicating with Superiors: To ensure proper care, Health support service communicate with superiors to address changes in patient health.
  7. Lab Processing: If a medical professional orders labs, Health Care Assistants see that all labs are processed and that the professional is notified of the results.
  8. Food Assistance: A Health Care Assistant must assist patients who are unable to feed themselves.

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