Simulation Laboratory

The Clinical Skills Laboratory (CSL) makes available/ provides the opportunity for the student to learn and safely practice clinical skills in a controlled environment, in preparation for the administration/provision of quality care to the client. The area is purposely designed to replicate healthcare settings or living environments and facilitates students to develop their clinical skills.

The CSL simulates a hospital unit, equipped with hospital beds, wash hand basins, variety of life size mannequins to simulate client care situations

Purpose and Philosophy of The Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab

Welcome to the Nursing Skills and Simulation lab. In the Nursing program, students will spend time in the Nursing Skills Lab each semester, whether they are learning new skills, reviewing previously learned skills, or being evaluated in preparation of clinical. Simulation activities will be a key component of all these elements, whether it is using a simple task trainer, a complex full bodied manikin or a peer. Critical thinking is encouraged by incorporating the rationale for what the students are learning as well as understanding the Nursing assessments and responsibilities that accompany these skills. Evaluation is a continuous process utilizing skills lab faculty evaluations, course skills testing and clinical experiences. The Nursing Skills Lab coordinator collaborate with the course tutors to coordinate nursing theory and clinical labs. Students will have the opportunity to practice independently, with peers and with Clinical Instructor to develop clinical skills. How much time a student dedicate to practice is dictated by how quickly they learn and by the difficulty level of the skills. Students all have their own style and pace of learning; therefore plan their time and needs accordingly. Practice is completed on students’ own time and testing may either be on their own time or during scheduled class/clinical time (course dependent). The Nursing skills lab is an integral part of the Nursing education where a student has the opportunity to overcome their own fears and insecurities while working with a variety of task trainers, simulators, and actual hospital equipment. By using the provided equipment and supplies, students are able to simulate a clinical environment where they have the ability to learn and practice safely without causing harm to patients. The clinical setting is not a practice setting. The primary goal of the Nursing skills lab is to provide an environment for students to become competent with Nursing skills and thereby becoming safe practitioners while working towards excellence in Nursing.

Equipped with life-size human mannequins and models, hospital equipment’s and instruments to facilitate teaching and learning through simulation and demonstration.