The Plan Summarizes the hospital’s dreams and aspirations of delivery of high level quality health care services for the next five years. it will serve as the hospital’s roadmap, strengthening the hospital, and refocusing and devising new stretch goals to advance the organization in new and meaningful ways. it constitutes concrete ideas that will be implemented in order to enhance access to quality health care services for better health outcomes. It focuses on the following key strategic objectives:

  1. Strengthening and improving service delivery

  2. Creating a committed, motivated and fulfilled workforce

  3. Developing a responsive and vibrant governance system

  4. Increasing operational efficiency in data management

  5. Establishing clearly defined and workable partnerships and linkages

  6. Developing a reputable, professional nurse training and formation institution

  7. Achieving financial sustainability of hospital’s operations

Sr. Mary Okumu CEO, William Maema Board chair receiving the fourth Strategic Plan of the Hospital from Archbishop Anthony Muheria. The Plan was launched on 17th February 2017.