Our dental unit is sponsored and run by Rotary Doctors Bank from Sweden. It is housed within the outpatient area and offers a full range of quality preventive and curative dental care to children and adults.  The visiting dentists serve for a period of six weeks on rotational basis. Services for primary school children are offered free of charge, while a very reasonable and affordable charge is asked of the other patients. .

The dental unit is equipped with a modern dental unit, tools and materials needed. The focus on hygiene is of great essence. 

Services offered include:
•    Basic dental care including gum treatment
•    Tooth/teeth extraction
•    Filling
•    Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
•    Scaling
•    Jaw fracture fixation
•    X-Ray Examinations
•    Management of traumatic injuries of teeth and soft tissues of the mouth
•    Replacement of missing teeth by dentures
•    Issuing tooth brushes
•    Health Education on dental care 

 The dentist also visits primary schools around to screen them for dental issues. Those identified with problems are encouraged through their teachers to visit the clinic for further care. On average, 300 clients are seen each month.