The laboratory is an integral part of service provision. Our laboratory is managed by experienced laboratory technologists and it operates as a referral laboratory for all health facilities within Mutomo region. The department has the following units.

1. Clinical Chemistry
The unit is equipped with humalizer chemistry analyzer and biochemistry system analyzer and other machines. It carries out the following tests: Liver Function Tests, Renal Function Tests, Blood Sugar, Urea and Electrolytes, analysis of cerebral spinal fluid and other body fluids.

2.  Haematology
Haematology unit is equipped with diagnostic machines such as Celtac Haematology Analyzer. Tests done under this unit include: Full haemogram, ESR, Clotting and Bleeding time, PCV, Peripherical Blood film, blood transfusion,  etc.

3.  Serology
The unit has machines such as CD4 machine and other equipment that make it possible to perform test like Rheumatoid Factor and Brucella Test

4.  Bacteriology 
The unit takes care of texts such as sputum test and culture & sensitivity

5.  Parasitology
Examination of urine, stool microscopy blood slide  for malaria is done in this unit