Efficient and effective management of medical   products can improve important public health outcomes and reduce expenditures. The hospital has two well stocked pharmacies manned by  pharmacy technologists. The CCC pharmacy stocks ARV drugs, drugs used in treatment of common OiIs in HIV/AIDS and therapeutic food supplements. The main pharmacy serves the rest of the hospital including the inpatient and the outpatient. Drugs used for the outreach clinics are also obtained and controlled from these two pharmacies.

Pharmacy has a relatively well-run procurement and supplies system. Policies and procedures are in place to guide aspects of the function (e.g. ordering and receiving of supplies, storage and security of medicines and pharmaceutical supplies, quantification of medicines, expiry tracking, etc.). Pharmaceutical items stocked are good quality generics, purchased from certified pharmaceutical companies. 

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The laboratory is an integral part of service provision. Our laboratory is managed by experienced laboratory technologists and it operates as a referral laboratory for all health facilities within Mutomo region. 

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The hospital has the sole X-ray machine in Kitui South Sub County that covers more than 1000 square kilometers. Services offered include:

  • Ultrasound – particularly obstetric ultrasounds

  • Plain radiography (X – ray) of all body part

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The Comprehensive Care Centre (CCC) at Mutomo Hospital was established in September 2006, with sponsorship by the US Government (PEPFAR), to provide outpatient access to care and treatment for people infected with HIV. To date the cumulative number enrolled is 3,486. Currently there are 1,658 in active care of which 1,598 (96%) are on anti-retroviral therapy (ART). Fourteen per cent (14%) of those on ART are children. Access to the service is provided on a daily basis at the CCC and at 6 outreach sites through mobile services going out each day from the CCC. The team providing the services include a Medical Officer, two clinical officers, 5 nurses, 6 counselors, a driver, three data managers, an accountant and a coordinator. The number of patient visits per month averages 1,000.Intensive education sessions are provided during clinic visits to help them to take responsibility for their health.

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Mutomo Hospital has professional therapists whose approach to counseling and pastoral care in addressing spiritual, social, emotional, behavioral, and psychological issues. Confidentiality is of the essence in offering counseling services. Both our patients/clients and staff are beneficiary of these services.

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Mother of Mercy Funeral was officially opened on 3rd April 2017 by Rt. Rev. Anthony Muheria .

We trust that we shall facilitate meaningful and peaceful ways for families to grieve their loss and celebrate the memories of their loved ones.

We intend to do this by providing information, competence, dignity, warmth and compassion. We will provide respectful services in a comfortable environment, always striving to exceed the expectations of each family that we serve so that we are known by our community for our commitment to quality care. 

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