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Inpatient Services

 i)    Medical/surgical ward
Our medical/surgical ward offers nursing care to adult patients of both genders with various medical and surgical conditions. The ward has a capacity of 48 beds.

ii)    Maternity Ward

Our maternity ward has a capacity of 31 beds. Care in this unit includes inpatient antenatal care, care of mothers in labour, and post natal care. Special baby unit for sick and premature babies is part of this ward.
 Reproductive Health Output Based Approach – RH-OBA program has highly subsidized the cost of care, and this has made maternity services accessible to mothers who would otherwise deliver at home. Bonding between mother and baby starts as soon as the baby is born. All our mothers, except those whose babies are premature or sick, room in with their babies. Approximately 120 babies are delivered each month.

iii)    Paediatric

Paediatric ward admits children up to the age of 14 years – both medical and surgical conditions. The ward accommodates both mother (or care taker) and child and values its ability to partner with parents (or caretakers) in the treatment of their children. The ward has a capacity of 27 beds, including the burns unit. The baby friendly environment of the ward facilitates quick recovery of the children.

iv)    Operating Theatre
The hospital has 2 operating rooms that are adequately equipped to handle basic major and minor operations, with a theatre team that is ready to handle emergencies when they arise. The theatres offer a wide range of services that include:
•    Various minor surgeries
•    Obstetric Surgery
•    General Surgery
•    Urology
•    Orthopaedic procedures

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