Our Vision 

To be a leader in the provision of quality and responsive health care in Eastern region of Kenya

Our Mission 

To provide holistic, sustainable and affordable health care,both preventive and curative as a witnes to the healing Ministry of Christ 

Our Values

  • Accountability/Stewardship – Maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We provide added value in everything we do

  • Moral Values – Guided  by our Christian values we provide Christian loving care, that identify us as a Christian Organization

  • Professionalism – Our service delivery is supported by  on-going capacity building for all cadres of staff

  • Commitment – staff demonstrate a high level of commitment by maximizing their performance in the delivery of health services

  • Teamwork – delivery of quality health services depends on a strong spirit of teamwork

  • Customer care – Rights of patients/clients are respected by consistently demonstrating “soft skills” such as Listening, Confidentiality, Empathy, Healing, Persuasion, Commitment to service